An on-demand course that teaches pastors the nuts and bolts of leading a church so they experience the joy of ministry again.

  • Discover your vision.

  • Define your vision.

  • Build healthy systems.

  • Communicate your vision.

  • Lead with clarity.

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Pastors deserve to be taught the practical skills for building a thriving church.

“How To Build A Thriving Church” gives you the clarity and system you need to begin truly fulfilling the vision. These practical skills will help you grow your church, experience more joy in ministry, and become a respected and capable leader

“How To Build A Thriving Church" Is The Solution For The Busy And Unclear Pastor.

Growing your church doesn't have to be hard.

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    Available November 26th, 2021

  • Master the 5 essentials of leading a church.

  • Watch your church grow.


Experience the joy of leading a thriving church

Meet your coach

Terrance H. Johnson, Lead Pastor of Higher Dimension Church

Over 20 years ago I started Higher Dimension Church with my wife, Torsha Johnson, in my mother’s living room. I was young, hungry and full of energy as we set out on our call to Pastor. Unfortunately, help wasn’t easy to come by, so as a result I had to learn the hard way, on my own. I truly understand what it means to pastor zero members and I know how it feels to pastor thousands. I know what it means to not have a building and I know what it means to build. I know what it means to have 100 people joining on a Sunday and when the ministry plateaus. Early on in ministry I found myself working from guess work, where I’m just trying to figure it out. Then eventually I moved from guess work to hard work. I thought if I just worked harder I could get things done. But over the last few years I’ve learned how to work from a frame work. These proven systems, structures, and processes that I have learned over the last 22 years will help pastors with the nuts and bolts of growing a church.

What do I get with the course?

The 5 essentials to leading a thriving church.

  • 5 video lessons that give you a blueprint on how to build a thriving church.

  • Downloadable Workbook with 5 frame works for the entire course.

  • FREE bonus content on how to kick-off your vision!

"How To Build A Thriving Church"

Get access to this on-demand course with: 5 video lessons, digital workbook, and bonus content!

Great ministries are built through intentional management - not instant magic.


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